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Pixit Pouch

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pixit pouch animation

It's not just a pencil case.  It's a canvas... that also happens to be good at holding things.

Express and re-express yourself with your own pixelated masterpiece. Personalize your Pixit® Pouch by arranging up to 100 neon pixel tiles into whatever design you like, whenever you like. The tiles simply snap on to the silicon grid with a little press. Whether you're carrying school supplies, power cords, or make up, this case will always reflect your latest pixperation.

This is a great product to promote creativity, expression, and if you're lucky, a little organization.  Also a good product for developing dexterity and fine motor control.


Parent's Choice Award:

2016 Fun Stuff Award

Tillywig Toy Awards

2016 Best Creative Fun

Creative Child Magazine's

2016 Kid's Product of the Year
Creative Play Category

2016 Creative Play of the Year
Kids Storage Ideas category



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