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Foxtail Sport (Ages 8+)

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Get Outside with the Original Foxtail Toy!

When it first came out, the Foxtail Sport brought a whole new spin to the game of catch: no gloves or mitts required, just spin to throw and catch by the tail!  The powerful swinging motion can send this ball flying up to 50 yards.  For an extra twist, the three-colored tail allows players to win points based on what part of the tail they catch (rules indicated on the product label).

  • Ages 8+
  • Flies up to 50 yards!
  • Game instructions come included

The Foxtail has always been perfect for outdoor, open-field play!  More specifically, the Foxtail is great for improving coordination, agility, and reflexes, while the point system serves as a great tool for driving self-improvement and healthy competition.  Of course, any catch game is best played with two or more people -- Yay, social interaction!


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