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Foxtail Fetch (Dog Toy)

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Foxtails are no longer just for humans.

For years, dog owners have been using Foxtails with their active dogs. Stuff it in a pocket, pull it out, a few swings, and Spot is off on a 50 yard sprint.

We finally listened to our dog-loving customers and built a Foxtail specifically for them and their four-legged friends.

Designed for distance and tooth-defying durability, this Foxtail has been toughened up with rip-stop nylon and a weighty rubber ball.  As a result this Foxtail dog toy flies farther and faster than any other foxtail.

Your pup is in for a workout.

  • Easy to throw far! (Up to 50 yards)
  • Mostly slobber-free
  • Safe and durable design


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