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5 Fall Crafts Will Leaf You Smiling (for 3 reasons)

5 Fall Crafts Will Leaf You Smiling (for 3 reasons)

Before you get started on the activities we've shared below, let's talk about some behind-the-scenes benefits of this type of nature craft.

Apart from the pure joy of doing something festive with your little one, there are three great reasons to make time for Autumn nature crafts this season:

1) Getting outside: Children in the US now spend half the time outside that they did 20 years ago. Yet, growing research links being outside in nature with all kinds of benefits, from critical thinking, to lowering stress levels, and even reducing ADHD symptoms.

2) Creativity and overcoming functional-fixedness: Why is our mind blown when we read a list of life hacks just to find out that an ice-cube tray can be used to sort jewelry? Functional-fixedness refers to our bias for seeing objects only in the way they are typically used or represented. This bias often inhibits our ability to problem-solve and think creatively. And so, when your kiddos realize that leaves can also make a fantastic turkey-tail, you’re reinforcing their ability to see the world differently.

3) Expressive contribution: We all know that kids are eager to participate in what the grown ups are doing… but of course they’ll want to do so in their own way. These activities give them an opportunity to help decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Best of all, they get to see their own time an effort contributing to the festivities.

With all these great benefits in mind, some of our favorite blogs and websites have the perfect crafts for you to try this year. Check ‘em out:

1. Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts

from Happy Clippings

2. Leaf-O-Lantern Coloring

from Le Meilleur Dudiy

(This one is in french, but it's pretty self-explanatory)

3. Thanksgiving Leaf Turkeys

from Sisters Know Best

4. Fall Leaf Wreath

from Simply Designing

5. Leaf Fox Craft

from Crafty Morning


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